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Sunburn is the Worst. Here's Why You Should Treat it With the Best.

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

Suncare Doesn't End at Sunset.

Aloe Vera GelWe all know what it’s like. That perfect summer day that seems to stretch on and on. You spend hours laying in the sand, frolicking in the waves, or laughing with friends around the pool. As the sun begins to set, you pack up your gear and toss your towel over your shoulder. That’s when you feel it... sunburn.

Don’t let stinging skin or peeling shoulders ruin your vacation. Instead, reach for the absolute best in after-sun care: Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Tropical Sands and Coral Safe.

What sets our gels apart from the typical drugstore products? We’d thought you’d never ask.

Most Aloe Vera Gel Contains Alcohol

You read that correctly. Most drugstore brands list alcohol as one of their top three ingredients - not something that usually comes to mind when you think about applying it directly to sensitive skin. Our Pure Aloe Vera Gel doesn’t contain any alcohol at all, meaning it will soothe and hydrate dry, sunburned skin on contact. You can also use it to help ease the discomfort of cuts, bug bites, stings, and other burns. Some of our customers even use it as an everyday moisturizer, shaving gel, or to style their hair in a pinch!

Other Gels Use Aloe Vera Powder Instead of Juice

When you purchase aloe vera, you probably have visions of snapping open a fresh leaf and rubbing its soothing juice right on to your burning skin. In reality, most aloe vera gels simply mix a bit of dehydrated aloe vera powder in with water, alcohol, and other chemicals before they dye the whole batch green. You won’t find any of that in Tropical Sands or Coral Safe Pure Aloe Vera Gel. We extract our aloe from the pressing of the actual plants.

Our Customers Love Us

“This is about as pure an aloe that you can get and it feels as cooling and as good as the real thing. When we relocated, I tried to bring my aloe plants with - but they did not survive the move. I was devastated because I got so accustomed to using aloe gel for so many things. I shopped all around for different kinds of aloe and none of them made me happy until I found this one... Until I grow a new aloe plant, this is the only substitute I will use.”

-Kytka H.

“I use this twice a day on my face on top of hydrogen peroxide and it immediately rids the rosacea bumps. Also, it has made my face softer, and seriously diminished wrinkles. I bought it for after sun care for the whole family but had read that aloe helps with rosacea and that has been true for me, thankfully.”

-Ashley R.

“This is by far the best Aloe Vera gel I have used. I use it on my face as a follow up moisturizer to my facial regimen and I love it. I also use it with my homemade body butter. Aloe has such great qualities. The gel consistency is very good. I always shake it first to mix it up; as it will settle a bit. I’ll definitely buy this again and again.”

- Candice B.

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