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Four Simple Things That Can Land You on the Mosquitoes' Most Wanted List

Posted by Allison Kelly on

Stop Getting Buzzed

SkedattleAh, summer. Tis the season to throw on some flip flops, fill a mason jar with sweet tea, and kick back on the front porch with friends. Before I started using Skedattle, my summer evenings also included a choice of two terrible options: I would either need to apply layer after layer of foul smelling, chemical-filled bug spray which would somehow always end up in my mouth OR I could spend the next few days covered in mosquito bites and scratch myself to sleep at night.

While I agonized over the lose-lose decision of nasty chemicals vs. never-ending itching, I started to notice that some of my friends didn’t seem to be having any of these issues at all. Was there something about me in particular that made me a target for these pesky bugs? It turns out - there is.

Check out these four simple things that can take take you from a leftover burrito to a five course meal in the eyes of the mosquito.

1. Young Lady, You Are Not Going Out In That

It’s a little known fact that mosquitoes actually use their eyes to target victims. These little buggers are highly visual creatures, especially late in the afternoon. Wearing darker colors like black, navy, and even red makes us easier to spot and therefore more prone to get bitten up. Stick to light colors if you are planning on spending the evening outside.

2. You're Not My (Blood) Type

Fact: I’m twice as attractive than my friend Amanda... at least to mosquitoes. Studies have shown that certain blood types are much more likely to get bitten than others. Why is this? Mosquitoes survive on two things - nectar and blood. Nectar provides nourishment to the pesky creatures while blood is their main source of protein, something especially important in the females’ production of eggs. People with Type A blood are the most likely to be left alone while those with Type O (like me) are the most bothered. Type B folks fall somewhere in the middle. What’s more, 85% of people produce a secretion that signals what blood type they are. This unlucky group draws more mosquitoes than the 15% that doesn’t secret, regardless of blood type.

3. Bugs, Sweat, & Tears

Finally - a reason not to work out in the summer. In addition to visual attraction, mosquitoes also use their sense of smell to find their victims. The alluring scent of lactic acid, ammonia, and uric acid are irresistible - and all found in sweat. Working out also raises your body temperature, making you easier to pin-point.

4. Bites, Bites, Baby

As if carrying another human in your body for nine months wasn’t enough of a chore, moms-to-be are also twice as likely to be bitten than women who aren’t pregnant. Researchers believe this has to do with an increased average body temperature and a higher level of carbon dioxide emission (another favorite scent of mosquitoes). Expectant mothers actually exhale 21% more than other women, making them prime candidates for bites.

Now That You Know Why They Love You, It's Time To Make Them Leave

Keep those bugs at bay with Skedattle, an all-natural, biodegradable, DEET-free bug repellent. This sweet-smelling spray lets you enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the health of you or your family. With more than twice the active ingredients of the other leading brands, Skedattle is the perfect addition to any summer BBQ, a family camping trip, or even just a glass of wine on the porch.

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