Are there any ingredients in your products other than the ones listed on your website? I don't want to be surprised when I receive them and discover the products have chemicals listed on the label.

Coral Safe contains only the pure, natural ingredients listed on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your products available in retail stores?

A: Coral Safe products can be found in several U.S. stores, but most of these retail locations will not carry the complete line of sun care products. For the widest selection of products, we suggest placing your order on our website. We offer flat rate $4.99 shipping or free shipping on orders over $75 that are shipped to a U.S. address. Back to Top

Q: What are the active ingredients in Coral Safe sunscreen?

A: The active ingredients in Coral Safe sunscreens are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, which are naturally-derived minerals. Both are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as reef safe sunscreens. Zinc oxide has been used worldwide for over 75 years as a blocking agent to prevent excessive and damaging sun exposure. Unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb ultraviolet light, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide reflect both UVA and UVB rays away from the body, forming a physical barrier to shield skin, without irritating or clogging pores. Our SPF 30 Lotion contains 6% zinc oxide and 6% titanium dioxide. These sunscreens are non-allergenic, which is an advantage since sunscreen allergies are very common when using traditional chemical products.  Back to Top

Q: What about "nanoparticles" of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide?

A: The active ingredients in Coral Safe sunscreens, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are micronized with a variable particle size between 100-200nm. (Nanoparticles are those considered to be less than 100m in size.) This makes our sunscreens more cosmetically appealing when applied, and they still remain on the skin's surface, rather than being absorbed. Back to Top

Q: What about the use of Vitamin A in sunscreen lotion?

A: We have discontinued the use of Vitamin A in our sunscreen formulations due to concerns from the public. Back to Top

Q: Are Coral Safe products eco-friendly?

A: Absolutely. All Coral Safe products are chemical-free formulas, include no fragrance, no nanoparticles, no mineral oil or any synthetically-produced compounds. All of our products are biodegradable and will not harm the environment, oceans or coral reefs. Our labels state that our products are "Biodegradable" and "Eco-friendly" for acceptance in eco-nature parks and resorts where biodegradable products are required. Back to Top

 Q: I love your products, but the sunscreen lotion sometimes leaves a mild white shine on my skin...is that normal?

A: Unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb into the skin, Coral Safe mineral sunscreen stays on the surface of skin. If too much is applied, the active ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, can leave a noticeably white sheen on your skin. Our sunscreens are all natural and contain no emulsifiers, so it’s important to shake the bottles well before applying. For best results, dispense a moderate amount of Coral Safe sunscreen in your hands, rub hands together and then blend onto the skin; this will provide the most transparent application as possible. If too much sunscreen is applied, it can turn crumbly and flakey; this is not uncommon for mineral sunscreens, since they are “physical” sunscreens that sit atop the skin instead of absorbing into the skin, just remember that less is more! Back to Top

Q: Is Coral Safe sunscreen water resistant?

A: Coral Safe SPF 30 sunscreen is water resistant. Excess sunscreen on the skin may come off in the water, but the protective sunscreen coat will visibly remain on the skin. As with any sunscreen product, it is wise to re-apply often, especially after swimming, sweating or towel drying. For best results, apply as directed on the label. Back to Top

Q: Why is Green Tea an important ingredient in your sun care products?

A: Green Tea helps to reduce sunburn, according to researchers at Case Western Reserve University. Several studies also suggest that it may help prevent skin cancer, as it's a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals from UV radiation and helps protect skin cells. Back to Top

Q: If I use one of your SPF sunscreen lotions, will I still be able to get a tan?

A: SPF sunscreens shield sunlight away from your skin. You may develop a slight tan, but very minimal UV rays can actually get through to the skin with physical sunscreens like Coral Safe. If you're looking for a darker tan, we suggest trying Coral Safe's Dark Tanning Oil in the sun (for a limited amount of time, as our Dark Tanning Oil does NOT contain sunburn protection.) After sufficient sun exposure using Coral Safe Dark Tanning Oil, apply Coral Safe SPF sunscreen to prevent sun damage to your skin. If you do experience sunburn afterward, or if your skin becomes dehydrated from being in the sun, we suggest applying Coral Safe Aloe Vera Gel to rejuvenate skin cells and moisturize dry skin. Back to Top 

Q: What is the expiration date of your products?

A: Coral Safe products expire three years from date of purchase. If you'd like exact batch information, simply give as a call. Keep in mind that because our products are all natural, it's not uncommon for them to separate. Shake them up before applying.  Back to Top

Q: Is your website secure?

A: The checkout page on our website, as well as your payment information is secure, and we assure that your personal information is kept confidential. Back to Top

Q: If I order today, how long will it take to receive my order?

A: Coral Safe products are shipped USPS or UPS Ground, which typically takes 5-7 days for delivery in the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tracking information will be sent to your email once your order has been processed. International orders typically take 7-14 business days to be delivered, and are sometimes delayed in customs, after which we have no control over the speed of the shipment. Back to Top

Q: Is shipping and handling free if my order is $75 or more?

A: If you order totals more than $75, shipping is on us. Additional shipping options are available for orders that total less than $75 or international orders. PLEASE NOTE: International orders may incur additional customs import fees, brokerage fees or local taxes which are payable upon delivery. Back to Top

Q: We are leaving for a tropical vacation in a few days and need our order ASAP. Can our order be shipped for next-day delivery?

Yes, select the USPS Express Mail or UPS Next Day Air shipping option during checkout. We'll do our best to help you receive delivery very promptly. Back to Top