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Why Use All-Natural Bug Spray

DEET is a mosquito repellent that is not only intended to keep insects away, but was created to kill them. DEET was created by the US Army and is still used in commercial insect repellents. DEET is such a strong chemical that it can melt fishing lines, and that is not something we want on our skin!

The chemicals in many skin care products, prescription medication, and long-term use, in combination with DEET, increase chances of chemical contamination. 

When rats were exposed to DEET in large prolonged amounts, they had behavioral changes and some died. Researches believe that DEET can lead to lower cell function.

Other less severe symptoms of exposure to DEET include headaches, skin irritation, weakness, fatigue, nausea, and many others. Children are more vulnerable to these effects, so it is very important that children use DEET-free formals like  Skedattle.

Not only do most commercial bug sprays contain DEET but they also contain other chemical ingredients, such as permethrin, that have be found harmful to humans, especially children.

Our formula is DEET-free made with oils that smell great to humans but terrible to pesky bugs. Instead our formula uses Citronella, Peppermint, and Lemongrass oils which keep the bugs away without killing them. The Vanillin in our formula not only repels insects but provides our DEET-free bug spray with a pleasant scent for humans.

Skedattle DEET-free bug spray is biodegradable which means you can wear it in the rain, and while swimming, and won’t cause the environment harm but will keep you protected from mosquito and bug bites.

Skedattle is a great alternative to chemical based sunscreen that have DEET and other chemicals. It is DEET-free, just as effective, and safer for you and the environment.