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What is Biodegradable Sunscreen?

biodegradable sunscreen Biodegradable sunscreens are all-natural sunscreen alternatives that do not contain chemicals that can harm the environment. The harsh chemicals found in traditional sunscreens can bleach and kill coral, harming the ecosystem irreversibly. Traditional sunscreens can contain parabens, cinnamate, and benzophenone--all of which are damaging to marine life. Eco-friendly sunscreen alternatives are made with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which are natural and effective mineral substitutes. These ingredients make sunscreens biodegradable and naturally break down without leaving behind the abrasive chemicals that can harm marine life. These minerals also make biodegradable sunscreen reef-safe.

These sunscreens are safe for snorkeling, diving, or spending any excess time in the water. Biodegradable sunscreens make it possible for you to spend time in the water without making an impact on the ocean’s ecosystems. Because of the all-natural ingredients, you get both eco-friendly sunblock and a guilt-free conscious while you’re in the water.