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We purchased your SPF Sunscreen Lotion and are EXTREMELY satisfied. My husband is a golfer and has tried many other "natural" sunscreens and yours has proven to hold up the best through the hot sun and sweat. We recently went hiking in the Red Rocks in Las Vegas in 105+ degrees and your sunscreen held up incredibly well! Thank you so very much for making such a wonderful product that protects without all of the harsh chemicals.


We love this lotion! I have had no breakouts on my face since using it and fewer applications needed for face and hands! My husband has bad eczema on his hands and it's the only lotion that actually helps.


Your Dark Tanning Oil is, by far, the BEST tanning oil that I have ever used! The results have been wonderful. My skin is smooth and I no longer have the scaly flaking that I used to have.


We just got back from a week on the Mexican Riviera and we used your SPF 30 the whole time we were there. We didn't get sunburned at all and felt great about having a product that wouldn't harm the delicate ecosystem. We'll be using this all the time now that we know about it and that it works great!


I discovered your product line on a Caribbean cruise excursion into the jungles. We had Skedattle, everyone else had any and everything else. Everyone else EXCEPT us was still eaten alive. The wife and I didn't have the first bite. True Story.


Thanks for the quick shipping. We love your sunscreen and tanning products. My 8-year old and I are enjoying our new pool with no irritating rash from chemical sunscreens. This in the ONLY sunscreen that we have been able to use with no problems!!


Thanks for the rapid customer service. I use sunscreen daily... I have for over 30 years. Mexitan products are a welcome addition on my home. Its nice to purchase things like this from local talent. Thanks for being there!!!

Jolene - Missouri 

We used our Mexitan products today and they were great! My sons have extra sensitive skin and have had reactions to sunscreens before. I also have felt a burning sensation sometimes using sunscreens on my face. None of that happened with your product and we were all protected from the sun! Thanks for designing such a fantastic Earth-friendly product! I'll be ordering again for next year and telling friends about it.

Jen - New York

I took two bottles of your sunblock with me to Mexico. I have medium skin and my problem isn't so much sunburn but it's that I have a horrible allergic reaction to the chemicals in traditional sunblock. For the first time in 17 years, I enjoyed my vacation allergy, rash, itch and pain free. Your products will accompany me on every sun-filled vacation from here on out.


A few years ago I suddenly had an allergic reaction to regular sunscreen after using it all my life. My arms, neck and chest all broke out in hives. I started looking for new sunscreens, tried many different brands, some from organic food stores and still had the hives break out. I then came online and found Mexitan Products. I decided to give it a try and it worked wonderfully! I had absolutely no reaction and have been using it for 3 years now! I love this product... thank you so much!

Kathy - Massachusetts

I was so glad to hear that EWG has recognized you for the fantastic products you have! I've been using using your products for years, my girls have never used anything but Mexitan and have never burned and I usually only have to apply it once during a day at the beach! We are your biggest fans, keep up the good work!!!!!!

Long-time customer Laura

My wife, two young children and I live on the western Mississippi Coast. We absolutely love every aspect of living here except the literal swarms of biting bugs. We've used and tried everything made over tha past decade with fair to very limited results. While on a cruise we came across some Skedattle for one of our tropical tour excursions. This was a night excursion so they had warned us over and over to bring bug spray. The Skedattle was all we could find on short notice. HOWEVER, all of the other twelve couples were coated with every other brand repellent you can name and they were being eaten alive. Absolute truth ... bugs weren't even lighting on us, let alone biting. Our "field-test" of this chemical free repellent with the kids here at home was as incredibly successful as it had been for the wife and I on vacation. We will NOT be buying or using anything else!

Ken - Mississippi

Your products are, hands-down, the best in the industry! I wouldn't use anything else! Thank you!!!

Jennifer-New York

I found your products last year while preparing for a winter trip to Cancun... needed the "eco-friendly" sunscreen. After seeing the Skedattle on your website, I purchased some of that also, as the mosquitos & bugs are a killer during the summer here in the Midwest, and I've never been able to find a product that worked, so decided I'd give this a try. It works miracles, I will never buy an over the counter bug repellent again! After raving about it at work, my company decided to purchase bottles for our guys that work outside all day maintaining/mowing our campgrounds and rec areas, as nothing else worked for them either! They were thrilled with Skedattle!