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Reef Safe Sunscreen Brands

Reef Safe Sunscreen Brands

Reef Safe Sunscreen Brands

 Why Being Reef Safe is Important

Reef safe sunscreens are biodegradable, meaning their ingredients are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, without harming them in any way.

Chemical sunscreens, however, are made with harmful ingredients like oxybenzone that significantly harm coral reefs. This is now a prominent issue because thousands of tons of non-reef safe sunscreen end up in the oceans each year.

The toxic ingredients in chemical sunscreen are not reef-safe; they give coral reefs viruses, and when a coral reef has a virus, they expel an algae that is responsible for their health, and most visibly, their bright beautiful colors. The coral then becomes bleached, and dies. 


Reef Safe


Changing this cycle all starts with switching to reef safe sunscreen — it’s the eco-conscious and responsible decision that helps less toxic sunscreen end up in our oceans.

Tropical Sands is a reef safe sunscreen brand

Know and understand legitimate reef safe sunscreen brands. Some sunscreen products that claim to be reef safe and eco-friendly, actually aren’t. Always read the ingredients list. 

Tropical Sands is a reputable reef safe sunscreen brand that uses all-natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals and no parabens, (chemical preservatives). The two active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide — NO oxybenzone, octinoxate or octisalate. (All common sunscreen ingredients that should be avoided.)

Tropical Sands has a number of different products to offer that all provide UVA/UVB sun protection without harming the environment.

Here's our most popular reef safe sunscreen list: 

Tropical Sands SPF 50 Unscented Biodegradable Sunscreen - a reef safe sunscreen with extra protection from the sun; great for kids and babies, too!


Tropical Sands SPF 30 sunscreen a fragrance-free, mineral, biodegradable and reef safe sunscreen 

Tropical Sands SPF 30 sunscreen


We do more than just reef-safe sunscreen! Choose from biodegradable Skedattle Bug Repellant, Tropical Sands Dark Tanning Oil or Tropical Sands Aloe Vera Gel — all biodegradable, reef safe options for your next outdoor adventure or vacation.