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Biodegradable Sunscreen


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We just got back from a week on the Mexican Riviera and we used your SPF 30 the whole time we were there. We didn't get sunburned at all and felt great about having a product that was safe for the coral and wouldn't harm the delicate ecosystem. We'll be using this all the time now that we know about it and that it works great!

Robin Marshall – Newforest

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We purchased your SPF Sunscreen Lotion and are EXTREMELY satisfied. My husband has tried many other "natural" sunscreens and yours has proven the best through hot sun and sweat. We recently went hiking in 105+ degrees and your sunscreen held up incredibly well! Thank you so very much for making such a wonderful product that protects without all of the harsh chemicals.

Ken Perry – Hassanmouth

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I frequently dive in the Caribbean and would never use any other sunscreen. I especially love the Face Stick since I can just toss it in my gear bag and reapply quickly without taking off my gloves. It's really a time saver (and a skin saver). I would recommend Coral Safe products to anyone serious about SCUBA and serious about protecting the environment.

Kelly Mann – Lornashire