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The Many Ways to Use Our Beloved Dark Tanning Oil

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Daylight Savings time is March 11 this year. Turn the clocks forward one hour because spring is on its way! With that in mind, my mind wanders straight to the hot, breezy days of summer, summer vacations, lazy days at the pool, and one of my favorite Mexitan products — the dark tanning oil. That formula just signifies summer for me, but once I discovered the alternative uses for this product, I had it on hand much earlier. (I even used it in the winter!) Here are some other unique, but nonetheless, useful ways our dark tanning oil can be enjoyed.

Use as an Everyday Body Moisturizer

Our dark tanning oil is formulated with just nine, all-natural ingredients that are nourishing to skin — sunflower oil, green tea, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, lanolin, tocopherol (Vitamin E) eucalyptus oil and Vitamin C — no unnecessary fillers, no harmful or drying chemicals, just natural oils that deeply hydrate skin. And unlike some other tanning oils, our’s isn’t greasy and slick. It dries quickly, so it can easily be used in place of your body moisturizer. We at Mexitan, totally use this all winter when skin is at its driest!

Use as a Makeup Remover

If you don’t have makeup remover or makeup remover wipes handy, especially, say, on vacation, this dark tanning oil is gentle enough to sub in. Put a small amount on a cotton ball or cotton pad and gently swipe away the day’s makeup. As with any makeup remover, avoid close contact around the eyes.

Use as a leave-in hair treatment or split end-mender

If your ends are looking dry and frazzled, trying applying a small amount of our dark tanning oils to them. Moisturized ends look healthy and smooth, and you can rest assured you aren’t using harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. Just natural oils and vitamins to temporarily seal up split ends frizz. (Avoid the roots so as not to look greasy!)

Use as an After-Sun product

Because it’s so moisturizing, the dark tanning oil can soothe and hydrate dry, possibly even sunburnt skin after long hours of sun exposure. (But if you’re more into doing things the traditional way, choose our natural aloe vera, instead.)

Use as a quick body spray

Need just a hint of fragrance in a pinch? Dab some of this on your wrists for a light, refreshing scent. The essential oils will give you just the faint smell of tropical goodness.  

Use for the best tan EVER  

Have fun with these alternative uses, but get excited to use our dark tanning oil for its actual purpose in no time. It will deliver a hydrated and luxurious tan that no other product can quite deliver.

We’re so excited for spring and summer! (Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on March 11 — we’re bummed about one less hour of sleep, too.)

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