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How to Use Pure Aloe for More Than Just Sunburn

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Summer brings to mind many things. Backyard BBQ’s, swimming, vacations, boat days, beach trips — and with those sometimes come intense heat, drier skin and probably a sunburn or two. Luckily, the best thing to use for those conditions (and more of summer’s loveliest gifts) is natural aloe vera! Pure aloe vera is made up of 96% water, contains 18 of 20 amino acids found in the body and includes vitamins A, B, C and E. It’s a pretty well-rounded plant, and it’s no secret that it’s a go-to for sunburn. Here are five other amazing ways to use pure aloe.

1. Bye, bye acne

Aloe is amazing for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, so applying it to acne bumps, acne prone areas or even acne scars is a great way to soothe that skin and eliminate bumps and redness.

 2. For a smooth shave

Pure aloe vera is great for shaving — it’s moisturizing, smooth for your razor and possesses those anti-inflammatory properties in case of those annoying razor nicks.

 3. Give your skin a drink

The sun, whether you pick up a sunburn or not, is drying to the skin — as is chemicals and irritants in soaps, sunscreens and lotions. Natural aloe is non-greasy and super moisturizing, so it’s actually perfect for all types of skin.

4. Gently remove makeup

Many makeup removers contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good to the delicate skin around your eyes. Instead, apply a small amount of aloe to a cotton ball to get the job done — and be kinder to your face.

5. Eye brow gel

Aloe is truly as versatile as it is powerful. Use a clean mascara wand and swipe on eyebrows for a look that won’t budge!

All of these uses are great, but if you’re heading out to the lake, beach or jetting off on a tropical vacation, you probably won’t opt for natural aloe vera in its purest form — from the actual leaf. You can, however, get pretty darn close with Tropical Sands Pure Aloe Gel. Besides pure aloe vera, our gel lists only five other totally all-natural ingredients. After all, the ingredients in your suncare should be the least of your worries this summer. It goes fast — soak it up!  

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