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How to Deal with Mosquitos in the Fall

Posted by Allison Kelly on

It’s almost fall! You know what that means… cooler weather, sweaters, and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, more time spent outside usually means more bug bites — unless you know how to protect yourself. We have all the details on why fall is prime insect weather, and how you can avoid being a mosquito snack.

I thought mosquitos didn’t like cool weather — why are they still here in the fall?

While mosquitos are extremely active in the warm weather of summer, they still thrive in the crisp autumn temperatures. Until temperatures drop below about 40 degrees, mosquitos are still out and about (and looking for a meal).

It seems like there are even more mosquitos now than in the summer, why is that?

Cooler weather means that mosquitos are comfortable outside all day, not just at dusk. Because of that, it may feel like you’re battling bug bites more often. Plus, late summer/early fall is mosquito mating season, so the little pests are more active than ever.

What can I do to protect myself from mosquitos this fall?

We’re glad you asked! When bugs are in full force, it may seem like there’s nothing you can do to prevent bug bites besides staying indoors. Spraying yourself with deet-filled bug sprays all day is not only potentially harmful to your health (read more about that here), but it’s also not the best smelling perfume. Skedattle is an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical bug sprays that effectively protects you and your family from mosquitos and other fall creatures. Not to mention, since it’s made from essential oils, it smells great! 

Whether you're spending your fall at backyard barbecues, football games, or pumpkin festivals, Skedattle can help protect you from coming home covered in bug bites. Don't settle for harsh chemicals, protect yourself and your family with natural bug spray that's tested and proven to be more effective than DEET-filled alternatives. 

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