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6 Frugal Ways to Save Money at the Beach

6 Frugal Ways to Save Money at the Beach
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Heading to the beach is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and surprisingly frugal ways to vacation. Because everything is centered around spending time on the beach, which is generally free, you can really keep costs low while still having a great time. Here’s 6 ways to do just that!

1. Choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel

Easily the most expensive part of most beach vacations is the cost of staying there. Most people will just book a room at a local hotel for a ridiculous nightly rate, but you should be smart and look for a vacation rental instead.

2. Share with friends or family

A good first step to bringing down lodging costs is to go for a house or condo over a hotel, but you can bring your costs down even further by splitting everything with friends and family. Even if you have to get a bigger house they are usually cheaper per bedroom, and this is an easy way to split the cost fairly as well.

3. Prepare food instead of eating out

Vacations are a time to splurge and eat well, but limiting yourself to less meals out can be a lot cheaper and healthier. Stop off at the grocery store when you arrive and make your own meals to potentially save hundreds of dollars.

4. Be flexible with your vacation’s date

When you start searching for the perfect beach and perfect vacation rental, start with an open mind and several possible travel windows. This’ll let you take the best deal available. Holiday weekends are always more expensive and busy so avoid these if possible. Travelling in the off season is a great idea to skip the crowds and save money, but make sure there will be enough restaurants and stores open to keep you happy and fed.

5. No need for tacky souvenirs

I’m sure you want to remember the great times spent at the beach; often you will be thinking back to how much fun it was last time while looking forward to planning the next trip! However, has a cheap and tacky souvenir ever made you truly remember your trip better? Probably not. They might seem cute at the time, but when you get back home you’ll end up tossing them in the attic and inevitably in the trash a couple years later. Save your money and take pictures instead! These memories are much more lasting and valuable.

6. Buy your supplies before leaving

Anyone who’s been to the beach before knows that the stores in the area are more than willing to take advantage of vacationers who show up unprepared. Beach stores know there are no other options than buying their overpriced items! There’s no reason to have to pay higher beach prices, just stock up at home. The only exception to this might be food. Don’t forget your natural sunscreen and any medications you will need.

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