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Our Secret to Treating Dry Skin

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Dry skin stinks, right? It’s itchy, it’s irritated and it’s unsightly and flaky. But, oftentimes, it’s an inevitable side effect that winter brings along. If you’re like many consumers who suffer from dry, winter skin, you might head to your local drug store and try moisturizer after moisturizer only to find that none quite solve the problem. And I’m not only talking about dry skin on one’s face. I’m talking about dry skin in general — legs, arms, you name it! It all dries out when winter moves in.

But we have two products that you wouldn’t immediately reach for, that are phenomenal for treating dry skin. They do their duties in the summer months, granting you beautiful tan skin and treating the occasional sunburn, but who knew — they’re great year round!

Not only do we know this to be true because we’ve used them on our dry skin, but our customers have discovered their multi-functionality as well.

Here they are:

Tropical Sands Dark Tanning Oil

Our tanning oil is so nourishing due to its ingredients like sunflower oil, Green Tea, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin C! It’s an all natural formula with incredibly moisturizing oils that leave no trace of dry skin. And it makes sense that it’s so moisturizing because tanning in the sun is drying, too.

Tropical Sands Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is known for its abilities to treat sunburns, but there are so many more uses for this powerful plant. And since we’re discussing dry skin, did you know how amazing of a moisturizer Aloe Vera is? It’s good for sunburns because of its moisturizing properties. It’s soothing to dry skin, whether it’s dry from a sunburn or winter air.

Try these two uncommon products to treat dry, itchy skin and let us know what you think!

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