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5 Awesome Ways Our Dark Tanning Oil Can Up Your Beach Game

Posted by Allison Kelly on

1. Tanning Tanning Tanning

MexitanThe original Tropical Sands formula! The natives of Acapulco have used this formula for years to get a sun-kissed glow. Each ingredient serves its own special purpose in nourishing, protecting, and moisturizing the skin, while promoting a dark, rich tan. (Side note: Doesn't contain mineral oil so it won't harm tanning bed equipment.)

2. Moisturizing

There is nothing worse than leaving a day at the beach with an awesome glow that is ruined by how dried out your skin feels. Problem solved - our Dark Tanning Oil is the perfect consistency to use as an intense moisturizer that won't leave you slick and greasy. We use it year round as our go-to moisturizer, especially during the dry winters!

3. Makeup Removal

Who hasn't used those tiny hotel soaps to try and remove their mascara after a day on the beach? Ever looked at yourself in the mirror after a swim and shuttered at how much makeup has rubbed off under your eyes? Keep it cute by spraying a but on the corner of your towel and wiping last nights mascara away. Bonus: Use it the morning after a late night out.

4. Hair Repair

Your suitcase is already heavy enough with your sunscreen, aloe, shampoo, and conditioner. Our Dark Tanning Oil keeps the ends of your beachy waves nourished after a day in the sun, sand, and salt water. So, you can skip packing your haircare that weighs you down.

5. Make Your Friends #Jealous

Using Facebook to subtly let people you haven't talked to since high school know that your life is awesome? Stick our beachy bottle in the background when you snap your vacation pics, and don't forget to tag us!

Dark Tanning Oil

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