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3 of your Favorite Copycat Guacamole Recipes

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Where did guacamole come from? How long ago was it discovered? Why is it so great? Why is Mexico so famous for the little green fruit? Wait… is it a fruit, or a vegetable? All that matters is that National Guacamole Day is Saturday, September 16 and the best way to celebrate is to whip up some of the most famous copycat guac recipes.

And by the way, guacamole’s history dates back to the 1500’s when the Aztec’s created it for the first time. The Spaniards discovered their recipe, but couldn’t reproduce it because avocados don’t thrive in Europe! Avocados taste amazing in just about any dish, and provide our bodies with the good kind of fats that allow them to better absorb other vitamins that we take in, some of which avocados provide — like A, D, K and E. Avocados from Mexico are raved about because they absolutely thrive in that environment, and they’re the only type that can flourish all four seasons. And, an avocado is a fruit… a berry to be exact.

Mix the ingredients from each recipe together, and you're done. Are they true copycats of the original, amazing guac recipes? Which one comes out on top? Take these easy recipes and your favorite mineral sunscreen products along on your next vacation. 

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