How Coral Safe Ranks with the EWG

What is the EWG? 

The Environmental Working Group is an environmental organization that empowers individuals to live healthier lives in a healthy environment. They specialize in researching toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands and corporate accountability. The EWG matters to us and our customers because they analyze and report on all sorts of consumer goods products, the ingredients they contain and how toxic or how safe they are to use in our homes and amongst our families.

Good news for Coral Safe and Coral Safe customers: our sunscreens made their list of "Best Beach and Sport Sunscreens" based on the ingredients in our products! 

How the EWG Rates Products

The EWG publishes their "Skin Deep" database that gives products and their ingredients a score between 1 and 10, 1 being the best possible score, and 10 meaning that product or that ingredient is the most hazardous to consumers. 



The EWG gives products a two-part score. One part rates their individual ingredients based on how much research has been conducted on them. Not all ingredients are equal when it comes to determining this score. If there has been significant research done on an ingredient, they can better deem it safe or hazardous. If adequate research is not available on an ingredient, they can't quite determine if it's necessarily safe or hazardous when used in consumer products. This determines the overall score of the product. 

The second part of the score rates the product's overall hazard level. They reach this score by tallying the hazards of the individual ingredients and evaluate the product in comparison to similar products within the Skip Deep database. 

Coral Safe is recommended by the EWG 

The good news — Coral Safe sunscreens made the EWG's list of "Best Beach and Sport Sunscreens" and received scores of 1 and 2, meaning they are the lowest on the EWG's "hazard" scale and very safe for consumers to use. Not only that, but because Coral Safe sunscreens are mineral sunscreens, they're safe for the environment, ocean and coral reefs, too. 

Coral Safe SPF 30 Face Stick received an EWG rating of 1 

coral safe spf 30 face stick

 Coral Safe SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion received an EWG rating of 2

Coral Safe SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion